Are You Living Agile?

Designing an agile lifestyle is all about adaptability, the most essential characteristic of this new century.

Think about your own life right now. How agile are you? Be honest.

Are You Living Agile?

Let’s do a quick diagnostic:

  • Could you quit your job tomorrow and live on savings for six to nine months?
  • Do you carry a minimal amount of debt that does not force you to continue toiling in indentured servitude?
  • Can you take a trip to Buenos Aires or Dublin or Phuket next week without asking for permission from a boss?
  • If a fantastic work opportunity came up halfway across the country, could you take it with minimal fuss?
  • Have you tried a new hobby or activity in the last thirty days?

The more “Yes” answers you give, the more agile you are.

When you embrace an agile lifestyle, you can say “Yes” to more of these things. If that sounds appealing to you, then you are in the right place.

Even if you can’t say “Yes” to any of the above questions right now, if something compels you to ask “Why can’t I live my life differently?” then you are still in the right place.

If you are happy taking your bi-weekly hit of income from corporate welfare, then by all means. Best of luck to you. But you should probably unsubscribe from this blog. You will not be happy with the things I say.

And that is okay.

If you embrace agility you will begin to notice all the opportunities around you to engage in “Hell Yeah!” activities.

Feel like climbing all the 14ers in Colorado? Go ahead.

Joining Peace Corps for a year? Sure.

Going on adventure with your friend in an RV? Hell yeah!

Most people are sleepwalking through life. They surround themselves with obligations that entrap them and then complain that they are not living the life that was promised to them. They only see what they lack and feel down on themselves because the neighbor down the street has a nicer car. Or the inept coworker got the raise.

You do not have to accept this mindset.

Agility is the recognition that human beings have it better today than at any other period in history. Technology has transformed the way that we work and communicate with one another. It is easier now than ever to start a business with just a laptop computer and an internet connection. Being willing to adapt to new circumstances means a world of possibilities open up to you.

But freedom is difficult. Those who are not free will tell you it cannot be done. You know better.

That is why you are here.

Sketching Your Way to an Agile Lifestyle

Many people trying to adopt an agile lifestyle design for the first time are concerned about the choices they make having negative long-term consequences.

  • What if I quit my job today and it means there is a gap in my resume?
  • Will I be able to reenter the work force if I quit my job?
  • If I quit law school right now, won’t it look terrible to future employers?

One way to overcome this fear of change is to sketch your new lifestyle first. Naming your fears and getting a sense of what your new life will look like is important before you start.

I love the term sketch because it allows you the freedom to create, without editing yourself. Throw away the eraser. If what you sketch does not look fantastic, toss it out and start over.

Let’s say you do quit that soul-crushing salary slave job. What would your life really look like?

Would you be able to wake up whenever you want without the demoralizing drone of the alarm clock?

Would you have the freedom to reconnect with family and friends and explore new or lapsed interests and hobbies?

Would money really be a problem?

How long could you support yourself and your family if you took off for six months? A year?

Sketching it out forces you to put a shape around your fears. Being afraid of the unknown is one of the biggest roadblocks to making a change in your life and taking action. A sketch allows you to dream without committing yourself to anything just yet.

And if your sketch of an agile lifestyle looks much better than the life you are living now, why not take action?

Image by millann.

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