5 Reasons You Might Want to Live an Agile Lifestyle

There are many reasons to embrace an agile lifestyle.

Designing an agile lifestyle means becoming adaptable to change in work and in life.

5 Reasons to Live an Agile Lifestyle

If you are reading this blog, you have probably realized a few things about modern life.

For one, it is defined by consumption for consumption’s sake. The health of the economy is measured by how much money we spend on junk. We don’t even have an accurate metric for how much value is added to society every year.

That’s why parasitic and non-contributing professions like bankers and lawyers continue to swell in the ranks, while the United States can’t produce enough engineers to keep Apple jobs from going to China.

This can’t continue for much longer.

If we want to move towards a new kind of society, we have to start asking some questions about the lives we are leading today.

What am I doing with the time I have here on earth?

How am I creating meaning in my life?

Look around you. If any of the following are true about your life, you are ready for an agile transformation.

  • Your job is mired in last century, factory line thinking.

    Advancement is determined by how many hours per week you can remain chained to your desk. Your work technology is worse than your personal technology. You are far more productive working from home or a coffee shop than you are in your cubicle at work. And your career or your company is vulnerable to being disrupted by automation or outsourcing.

  • You want to see the world before you die.

    Almost everyone in human history was confined to a fifty mile radius for their entire lives. Now you can cross the world in half a day. It would be a shame if you didn’t take advantage of this incredible ability.

  • You want to create art.

    The internet is destroying gatekeepers. Creators now have direct distribution methods to their audience online. Since the invention of the printing press, being a creator meant a large upfront investment. Not anymore. You recognize that many internet artists are making a living with a small, but supportive fan base.

  • You see the inherent problems with basing an entire economy and culture around consumption.

    You are troubled by the neuroses of constantly comparing yourself to your friends and coworkers on the basis of the stuff you own. Or the square footage of your houses. The 2008 financial crash had a big effect on the way you see life evolving at the dawn of the 21st century. You are concerned about the planet and what indiscriminate overconsumption means for your future and your children’s future. You are ready to opt out.

  • You feel your life ebbing away, whether due to stress or unhappiness.

    You realize life is too short not to be doing what you love every day.

There are many more reasons to embrace agility as a core principle of your life.

Creating an agile lifestyle means being more adaptable to changing technology and circumstances.

Agility means being able to take advantage of new opportunities in the future instead of living in constant fear of change.

Agility means living your life intentionally and on purpose.

Agility means discovering what you were meant to do with the precious time you have.


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